Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I thought I had the last sight on Samsung Handphones and PDSs since the last Omnia 2.  I thought wrong.  Eventually an in-law bought it and using it for almost a year, and I had the chance to write something about it. It was quite a superior android based PDA. It was the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000,  3G-capable PDA with awesome display.  My first impression was that, the Samsung Galaxy S is so un-Samsung. Maybe I had too much bad experience with Window-Mobile based Samsung PDA. Certainly that was the factor for my prejudice against Samsung mobiles, gadgets. I used to think that Samsung phones are slow, irresponsive and annoying. Getting rid of it is a must. The Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000 has shown huge improvements in areas that made me loathe Samsung phones.
The Galaxy S GT-I9000, is a 120gm 3G capable PDA, with android OS Éclair. Pretty nifty and fast as a PDA, since the burdens of Windows Mobile are over. Actually, I should hate Windows Mobile, not hating Samsung (lol). The Galaxy S is sported with awesome 4.0 inch Super Amoled capacitive touchscreen with 480x800 pixels. The Screen is pretty huge for a PDA, and actually Samsung is using Gorilla Glass Display for their Galaxy S. The result, a crude and firm touch screen. It is super responsive with the Touch Sensitive Controls, and less prone to errors. I am hooked with the pleasure of the screen sensitivity. Sliding through the glassy screen is easy and smooth. Unlike the feeling when you slide your fingers over Samsung Omnia 2 screen which feels like a burden to your muscle. How I’d wish I’ve acquired the Galaxy S over the Omnia 2.
The Galaxy S I9000 comes with a built-in memory of 8GB or 16GB, making it amongst the generous storage for PDA. The 512MB RAM and 2 GB RAM is adequately good enough to maintain the PDA at all-time fast even after load of applications being installed. If you find that not enough, you can opt for the external MicroSD card which supports up to 32GB. The Samsung Galaxy S is also capable of making HD video recording of 720p at 30 frames per second.
Out of the box the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 looked flat-faced and thin and retaining an unfamiliar being of the IPhone2. On the front side, there are only 3 buttons below the LCD screen which are the Home-key, Back-key and Menu-key. The Power-Button is located at the right side of the PDA while the Volume-key is at the left side. The PDA is also featuring a dual camera, capable of making video conference and video calls. Based on the Android platform, the Samsung Galaxy S can download and install additional applications from Android Market. This feature is amongst the factor that popularize the Android based gadgetry. You can either select the free applications or for deeper pockets, buy them (the applications).
All the ooh and aah, comes to and end when it goes for battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S, has an awfully low battery life. The in-law had craved for a few kinds of Android games, and eventually, it ends up that the PDA needs to be charge daily. At usual pace and day, the battery would last about 24 hours of normal usage. By the way, the in-law still defending the purchase made bragging that it been with it for more than a year with no complain. Ironically, the in-law also maintains a secondary super cheap, single-color-LCD hand phone for her daily usage… with longer battery life of course.

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