Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had always wanted a router, since my last Bosch mini router or mini trimmer was sold. I had a project on hand that need to be executed effectively only with a router. It was a modular kitchen cabinet stands. The stands will act as an adjustable feet and can be relocated and joined together again using a carefully routed joints. Each stands will have like 10 joints which will be made you know, either traditionally using a 1 1/2” flat head-chisel. Since there are like 10 stands to be completed and I am one of those with unsteady hands that produce unsteady and uneven cuts, so I guess, banking with a small router would be handy. One thing I hate about router is the brutal start up! I have the tendency to miss the spot even after I tried hard enough on a free play routing. I was thinking of getting myself a plunge router, since it has wide base and easier to be fixed and guide.
Back in those days, not long ago, the cheapest plunge router was around RM800-RM1500. That was way over-budget for me. Paying that kind of money should at least produce me something worthwhile, but eventually, all my woodworking outputs are not of merchantable quality. So, I thought best to stick it low and slow. My interest was captured on the Skil router 1827. Yes it is a router, plunge router… no big deal, but it is price at less than RM400. This is awesome deal, or maybe hardware and tools are getting into the trendies like what happen with computer stuff too.
Basically the new Skil Router 1827 is a plunge based router. It is powered by a 1200w motor that capable of churning most application easily. The Skil Router is also feature a Soft Start Technology, which is new to the local market. This Soft Start will be so useful for smoother and easier handling during the start-ups, therefore reducing the errors and hiccups here and there that usually happen with traditional router. On the other hand, the Soft Start is also friendlier to me as I am going to slowly adapting my hands and machine as the work progresses. The ½ collet capacity router is presumable more powerful than my last mini router that only uses 1/4” collet. It has Micro-fine Depth Adjustment for precise cuts and Dual-Position On/Off Switch for user convenience and better control. The other I like about the plunge router compared to mini router is the variable speed control. The new router is also equipped with soft-grip handles for better comfort and control over the 1200W machine. On the router itself, it has a Depth Rod and Adjustable Turret for repeatable plunge routing applications while the Quick Clamp Release Lever is for easy motor adjustments and removal.
Out of the box the Skil Router 1827 comes with Edge guide, a wrench and a Collet Adaptor. The router can be used with either ¼" & ½" collet. Below are the basic specification of the new Skil Router;
Input power                                       1200W
No-load speed                                  10,500-25,000rpm
Collet capacity                                   ¼" & ½" collet
Spindle lock                                       Yes
Soft Start                                           Yes
Micro depth Adjustments                   Yes
Auto Zero/Zero reset                         Yes
Dual-position slide on tool                  Yes
Quick Pass Turet                               Yes
Built-in light                                        Yes
Plunge base                                       Yes
Chip deflector                                   Yes
Weight                                               4.9kg
Awesome eh…  Now where do I put those kitchen stands again?

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